With SkillTrax membership, and the support of the “Coach Direct” feature, you’re literally one text away from Major League experienced training… with the capability of learning how correct swing mechanics with amazing effectiveness.

Mom, Dad or Coach… Let there be no more guess work in the instruction of your player(s).

Let there be no more misinformation or player confusing approaches. Help your volunteer assistants’ instructional messaging be more effective and succinct by providing your player(s) a professional, coherent and most of all… uniformed approach – customized to their skill needs!

Folks, the techniques provided here are time tested and proven.  Easy enough to follow so that you can be implementing them starting as soon as today!

The membership content is designed to teach our simple techniques for effective video swing analysis. This while we also provide members the world’s most affordable access to major league experienced instruction… via text messaging!

We’re going to show you how to do it, then we’re going to give you the option of having direct access to the pros who can identify the problems for you (through our “Coach Direct” lesson credits feature).

And you’ll even get the personal phone number by which to text your instructor by which to use your “Coach Direct” lesson credits. It just can’t be any easier to get your player(s) the professional level training and oversight they deserve.

The best part is that there are no apps or software to download or learn how to use. Everything you needs is tied to the default video features associated with most standard mobile phone. Then just capture a few swing clips (or sport related action), pick the worst one, edit it down to a maximum 6-second clip and then send it via text to your instructor’s number.

“That’s it!”

Later on (within 24-hours or less) you’ll receive your “Coach Direct” feedback in a return text message… with a succinct custom responses specifically for your player(s).

Now just select which membership best fits your situation… then purchase to get started on the road to major league level instruction.