We decided that Google has made enough money for the time being. So we decided to re-invest our marketing efforts back into the members and affiliate partners of this program. As such, we’ve created a really cool – as well as – highly lucrative revenue sharing program for any baseball or softball fan, parent, coach or league administrator.

We could do like everyone else is by pouring our advertising money back into Google, Bing or Facebook ads, but in short… if you tell someone about SkillTrax, we’d rather pay you.


Well, this is centered on some of your biggest passions…

Your player, your sport and the joy of helping someone else get better! That’s pretty easy to figure out.

And we also know that as a parent those cleats, bats, gloves, and those personal travel expenses for such things as out of town gas, meals and hotel rooms require some extra cash. And there are some on your team or that you know right now who could use the extra help, right?

Plus, as a coach or organization, funding ¬†your teams with uniforms, umpires and all the other expenses don’t always come from cash that grows on trees… even if you have extra candy sales, car washes and ad sales, there always seems to be a need for more, right?

Because we know this is a real world, we’ve setup a LUCRATIVE real revenue share program.