The SkillTrax online video training process begins with the one-time/life-time membership containing the simple techniques by which anyone can become a hitting guru within minutes.

The training content within the members area is specifically designed so that any player, parent or coach with a mobile phone can begin implementing Coach Pete Meadows’ easy to follow steps to quickly deploy this guaranteed method by which to begin player improvement almost immediately.


The first membership option is designed for accessing the simple but cutting edge techniques by which any player, parent or coach can use to become a top flight swing analysis instructor.

There are no lesson credits assigned to the basic content version. But don’t forget to watch for the special BONUS feature too for a limited time.

The membership will also have ongoing weekly coaching and training related video training tips and strategies which are not easily found else where.

MEMBERSHIP & 3-LESSON CREDITS… $67-Life-time Membership/Renewable Credits

The second SkillTrax membership option comes with credits relating to our “Coach Direct” feature. These credits represent the number of times the member can actually forward a personally CUSTOMIZED 4-to-6-second player swing ( or throwing or pitching) video clip.

Based on these banked “Coach Direct” lesson credits, as the member begins to implement the content (IE, by way of videoing their player(s) swing and/or in the execution of drills), Coach Meadows is readily available to respond to these video request, as well as the questions contained within these TEXT MESSAGES.

Membership to the ongoing content is life-time. Additional lesson credits are renewable and available within the members area.

COACHES MEMBERSHIP & 10-TEAM LESSON CREDITS… $97-Life-time Membership/Renewable Credits

The third SkillTrax membership option comes with a unique option whereby a coach can join and receive 10 “Coach Direct” lesson credits to be used for his/her team.

These credits represent the number of times the coach can forward a player’s 4-to-6-second video clip.

With these 10 banked “Coach Direct” lesson credits, Coach Meadows can assist the coach by highlighting and itemizing each player’s most immediate flaw(s). Most all responses are relative to the training content so the coach can cross-reference the content with Coach Meadows’ overview.

This is a great feature for any coach looking to get help immediately – and AFFORDABLY!

The Coaches’ membership to the ongoing content is life-time. Team lesson credits are renewable and available within the members area.