Within 24-hours or less in most instances, players, parents or coaches receive their “Coach Direct” feedback via text message from your coach. The best part is that it is a personalized and succinct response specifically for your player(s).

The reply will be related to the instructional process including a video as wells as any other associated questions contained in the text. Keep in mind lesson credits represent the number of times a member can forward their player’s 4-to-6-second video clip (or instructional questions). Each text message counts as one credit.

For the “Coach Membership and 10-Lesson Credits” membership, the replies will be much like that of the initial review (found in the BONUS “Player Skill Review”) where Coach Meadows will highlight an itemized list of flaws in order to make recommendations for immediate implementation by the receiving coach or parent.

Get started toady… begin by selecting your membership, purchase and be on your way to professional instruction in the palm of your hand!