The best part about SkillTrax is that there are no apps or software to download or learn how to use. After-all, these take up to much time and space. Besides goal of each parent or coach is the same. It’s to get players skills corrected and on the path to a better experience.

Not to become a software or app guru!

That’s what makes getting the whole process started easy and simple. When it comes to capturing player video clips, everything you needs is already there… tied to the default video features associated with your mobile phone.

All you need to do is just capture a few swing clips, pick-out the worst one (mechanically speaking), and then edit it down to a maximum length of 6-seconds and then send the specified clip via text to your instructor’s cell number.

Within 24-hours or less in most instances (with the occasional periods of down-time), you’ll receive your “Coach Direct” feedback in a return text message from your coach. The best part is that it is a personalized and succinct response specifically for your player(s).

Heck, if your like most baseball and softball parents, you probably already have good videos you could use right now. If not, you see how easy it is to capture use-able footage.

Now the next step is to choose which membership best fits your instructional needs… purchase and then get the party started!